About Mike

Mike Smith has worked hard his entire life. He began working in his community at just fifteen years old. Shortly after his graduation from Austin High School in Decatur, he started his career as a firefighter and served his community until his retirement in 2009. He also worked many additional jobs over the years including as a carpenter, a truck driver, and general contractor.

In 1992 Mike began his own company Smithco Construction which he successfully operated through 2000. As a business owner he made it a priority to pay his employees well--$10 to $15 an hour (in the 90’s!) and to give them full 40 hour work weeks. He understood that employees aren’t a business expense, they’re an investment. When employees are paid and treated fairly, both the employees and the business prospers.

Mike discovered his passion for standing up for workers’ rights when he led the union organization of his fire department in 1996. He proudly served as the union president for over eight years and fought tirelessly to attain better working conditions for his fellow firefighters. Mike was ultimately successful and his entire department benefitted from his hard work and persistence.

Mike has been married to the love of his life, Kimberly Weaver Smith for 30 years. She works as a first grade Teacher at Creekside Elementary School. Together they had two children, Alaina in 1990 and Billy in 1994 and they adopted their daughter Tanya in 2008.

Running for Alabama’s Senate isn’t a decision Mike made lightly—or impulsively. In fact, he decided to run for the District 2 seat 20 years ago! His experience fighting for, and achieving better working conditions for his fellow fighters opened his eyes to the power people can have when they work together to make positive change.

As someone who has worked hard his entire life, Mike knows what it is to struggle, and he knows what it is to succeed. He has lived the American dream. But he sees the American dream drifting further and further away for so many Alabamians. Still he remains optimistic. Mike believes our economy should and can work for everybody: business owners and minimum wage workers alike. As your Senator in the Alabama legislature Mike will work hard to strengthen our economy and to make the American dream a reality again for Alabama’s workers.